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Discover our selectionAdidas:shoes, sneakers and sportswear. The German brand is the world leader in sports and urban fashion. A vast and growing production that has in itssports footwearits diamond tip. For men, for women, high tops, low tops, running shoes, basketball shoes, colourful, solid colours: there really are something for all tastes, always characterized by the inevitablethree stripes. And beware of considering them trivialgym shoes. NellostoreSuperstylin you can find the best of the for salenew collection of Adidas sports shoesand someclothingwanted.


Adidas, the brand that made the history of sports and urban clothing

When you think about theclothingand atsports shoesthere is a brand that invariably comes to mind among the first:Adidas. The German company, in fact, has been at the top of the world for decadessports fashion, sharing the stage with the equally iconicNike. A legendary brand, therefore, capable of making its name and logo immortal and establishing itself as the leading European manufacturer of sports clothing. Butwhat does adidas mean in german? Absolutely nothing, because it is nothing more than the fusion of the nickname and the first three letters of the surname of the founder of the company: Adi Dassler (brother of the founder ofPuma). While the name has remained fixed over time, theAdidas logohas changed several times: initially it was formed by three parallel horizontal lines, then by a clover, until arriving at the current onesthree parallel oblique stripes.