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Discover our selectionNew Balance:sneakers and sportswear. The famous American brand is famous throughout the world for the iconic "shoes with the N", a real status symbol. Thesneakers, however, are only the jewel in the crown of a productionsportswearAndfootwearof the highest level. NellostoreSuperstylin you can find the best of the for salenew collection of New Balance sports shoes, united in oneonline shop. Among others, there are the highly sought afterNew Balance 550, 990, 2002 and 9060 models.Colored or plain, they are always shoes for connoisseurs: woe betide you if you simply call themgym shoes!


New Balance, the symbol of sports clothing and shoes

The legendNew Balancewas born inBostonin 1906, thanks to the resourcefulness of William Riley, who founded the New Balance Arch Support Company, a company producing orthopedic supports for the footwear of workers forced to stand for many hours. For nearly 60 years, the company produced nothing else. Then came the brilliant intuition: onesneaker with grooved soleto ensure greater adhesion. It was an unexpected success that gained strength in the 1970s, thanks to the explosion of running fashion. Even today, New Balance is a leading brand in the production ofsneakers, as well assports clothing and accessories. New Balance shoes, mostly manufactured in the USA and the United Kingdom, offer comfort and performance, thanks also to a wide range of sizes. The design is equally unmistakable, making it a point of reference. In fact, it is not uncommon to find people asking in shops“New Balance type shoes”, because I can't explain in any other way that fantastic mix of aesthetic taste and comfort.