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The North Face, leader in sports and casual clothing

A tribute to nature, to its wild soul but also to the adventurous spirit that characterizes those who love traveling on the road, challenging the elements. Inside the story and details of theThe North Face brandthere is all this. A bond that starts from the name, whichit means “the north side”, indicating the usually most impervious side of a mountain, and continues with the logo, which depicts a relief found in Yellowstone Park. Founded in 1966 by two adventurers originally from the bay ofSan Francisco, in California, over the years The North Face has become a reference brand on the international sceneMen fashion, especially for those who love stylecasual and sporty. The leaders ofThe North Face clothingthey are considered authentic icons, so much so that they fuel a real hunt for the originals, given the proliferation of terrible imitations.